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Kevin McCaffrey April 14-15

Kevin McCaffrey is a comedian & writer based out of New York City. He made his network TV debut on The Late Show with David Letterman in November of 2013 (after which he was hired as a warm-up comic for the show), and he currently appears every week on truTVís Greatest Ever series, and truTV Presents: Worldís Dumbest. He is also a regular on Comedy Knockout on truTV. Kevinís previous television appearances include VH1ís I Love the 2000s, History Channelís I Love the 1880s, as well as The Edge & Christian Show and The List on the WWE Network. Kevin hosts College Stories with Kevin McCaffrey, a weekly podcast talking to comics, writers, and actors about their time in college, and their best/funniest/craziest stories from that time. Originally from Chicago, he graduated from Ball State University despite the schoolís general policy of taking attendance. He was then hired as a monologue writer for The Late Show with David Letterman. Kevin also appeared on The Late Show many times as an actor, once being hosed down by Dave with a fire extinguisher. To his knowledge, this is an honor Kevin shares only with Richard Simmons. When asked to describe his exceedingly unique brand of comedy, Kevin says, ďWhat I do, is I try to say stuff thatís funny.Ē Thatís how avant-garde he is! As a performer, he relies on content more than volume; heís not the crazy props guy, the crazy angry guy, or the crazy fat guy. At least not yet. Kevin has also written for MTV, VH1, National Lampoon, Fuse TV, and various celebrities who want something kind of funny to say at awards shows. He hosts Technically Tomorrow, a late night/early morning talk show on Queens Public TV in New York, that can also be seen on vimeo.com. He writes and performs sketches with Vicarious George, some of whose videos can be seen on funnyordie.com.