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Mo Alexander Sept 8-9

Standing in the face of conventional comedy for the last 20 years, Mo Alexander has pushed all boundaries of what it means to laugh at a Comedy Show. The days of a “Fun Night Out” have now been replaced with “Oh, god it hurts! I think I peed a little!”. To say that Mo is funny, is like saying that Michelangelo was a good painter. Taking all of life’s absurdities and creating a night of hysterical laughter is why Mo Alexander is one this industries unknown Greats. Aspiring to be a Comedian since a very young age, Mo takes a lifetime of experience and insight and transforms them into some of the most ingenious laugh riots you will ever experience in your life. Not for the faint of heart, or mind, intelligent and hard hitting are two terms that best describe what everyone that has ever been to a Mo Alexander Show will experience. In other words, if you don’t laugh your ass off at his show, you’re probably dead. If you’d like to take a little piece of home around with you on your mobile audio device, you can find three of Mo’s CDs on Amazon or iTunes. The albums are entitled, , Evolution, Nappy Headed Hoes and Other FCC Infractions and the most recent on which was featured on the iTunes new and notable charts front page for 5 months Just in case the Mayans are right…. Watching Mo Alexander is a night of hilarity and mischief that one won’t soon forget. Though, he usually tries to leave you with the underlying message,”I’m trying to save the world, one comedy show at a time.” and if he has to kick a kid off a bike to do it, well, you have to start somewhere.